What is insight?

  • Noun [in-sahyt] – the capacity to gain an accurate and deep intuitive understanding of a person or thing.

Here you will gain an understanding of our unique company culture, some industry news and trends, new employees joining our team, a favorite recipe….. a little bit of everything!

We like InstallNET

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Be Positive

You have the power to choose your attitude. Choose to be positive, optimistic, and have genuine enthusiasm. Assume positive intent in others and give people the benefit of the doubt. Your attitude is contagious. Spread optimism and positive energy.

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Think and Act
Like a Leader

Titles don’t make someone a leader, actions do. Be willing to make tough decisions in the best interest of the company. Work to drive our mission forward. Hold strong convictions and voice your ideas constructively. Be empathetic to those around you. Lead by example.

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Take Ownership

Take personal responsibility for making things happen. Respond to every situation by looking for how we can do it, rather than explaining why it can’t be done. Be resourceful and show initiative. Don’t be a victim and don’t make excuses. If you see it, own it. Find a way to get things done.

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Practice Blameless Problem-Solving

Demonstrate a relentless solution focus, rather than pointing fingers or dwelling on problems. Pinpoint the issue, develop a plan, communicate the plan, and then execute to resolve the issue. Once resolved, identify lessons learned to improve ourselves and our processes so we don’t make the same mistake twice. Get smarter with every mistake. Learn from every experience.

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When In Doubt, Communicate Personally

When delivering difficult or complex messages, or in emotionally charged situations, pick up the phone and speak “live” versus hiding behind text or email. Where appropriate, follow-up in writing to confirm your understanding.

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Deliver a
Legendary Experience

It’s all about the experience. With every experience, do the little things, as well as the big things, that surprise people. Make every interaction, both with internal and external customers, stand out for its helpfulness. Create the “WOW” factor that turns customers into raving fans.

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Be a Fanatic
Response Time

Respond to questions and concerns quickly, whether it’s in person, on the phone, or by email. This includes simply acknowledging that we got the question and we’re “on it,” as well as keeping those involved continuously updated on the status of outstanding issues.

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Take Pride
in Your Work

Demonstrate a passion for excellence and take pride in the quality of everything you touch and everything you do. Have a healthy disdain for mediocrity. Good is not good enough. Always ask yourself, “Is this my best work?”

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Do What’s Best
for the Customer

In all situations, do what’s best for the customer, even if it’s to our own short-term detriment. Know and understand their challenges and frustrations so you can more effectively meet their needs. There’s no greater way to build a reputation than to steadfastly do what’s best for others. Every day.

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Act With

Demonstrate an unwavering commitment to doing the right thing in every action you take and in every decision you make, especially when no one’s looking. Always tell the truth, no matter the consequences. If you make a mistake, own up to it, apologize, and make it right.

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Our Commitment to Our Community

When Dale Ewing started InstallNET over twenty years ago, creating a tight knit community where people felt valued was a necessity for success. To fulfill his vision and build the company from the ground up, much like any start-up, InstallNET had to be the kind of place where everyone was hands-on, team-oriented, and passionate not only about the business and its clients but about their coworkers. Working for InstallNET felt like being a part of a second family. We celebrated all the wins, big and small, and celebrated each other’s successes and life milestones. With each new success, InstallNET grew from that initial group to over 60 employees by 2019, and it continues to speed ahead expanding to more cities and bringing in more talent. While this rapid growth is wonderful, it also poses new challenges - how can we maintain the same sense of family with so many moreRead more

Take a Seat (Wherever You Please)

Here at InstallNET, we believe in collaboration. That’s one of the many reasons we don’t have assigned desks. Eliminating assigned seats has enabled our teams to work with each other in fresh combinations. Having unassigned desks also gives more flexibility back to our employees because our new office has a variety of spaces from which to work. If you need to concentrate, you can head to a “phone booth” or to a desk secluded in the back corner. But if you want to bounce ideas off your coworkers and ask questions to those around you, you can sit in a more collaborative area. Effective project managers need to be problem solvers, and with our new unarranged arrangement, we have the means to solve problems together.Read more

Top Ten Reasons to Work at InstallNET

The People - We are one big family! The Party Planning Committee - We accept any excuse for a celebration. Flexibility - We make sure everyone has the best schedule for their lifestyle. Giving Back to the Community - Adopt a Family for the holidays, making lunches for the homeless, and other fun donation drives that benefit the Crofton community Getting to Help Small Businesses - We facilitate the success of small and family-owned office installation companies around the country. The New Office - Check out our last piece for all the details! The Perks - Opportunities like the provided gym membership and access to thousands of certifications on LinkedIn Learning Room for Growth - We mainly promote from within and we want everyone to succeed. Transparency - We want the entire team to be informed and excited about meeting our goals. Free Coffee ALL the Time - Need IRead more

Our Big Move

Did you hear the good news? We moved our office! With the boom in business this past year, we have brought in so many new team members. It’s always fun to have new faces in the office, but we quickly found that we needed a bigger space. In February, we packed up and moved into our new location: 16901 Melford Blvd, Bowie MD 20715. It’s in our nature (and our business plan) to make sure everyone else’s office is top of the line, so of course, we had to pull out all the stops for our own office. From our sit-stand desks with tandem computer monitors to two brand new kitchens, we have thought of it all. Sleek new conference rooms, our very own InstallNET library, and a “phone booth” are a few of the things that make our office one of our best jobs yet.Read more

Meet Our New President: Todd Gardner!

InstallNET is pleased to formally announce that we have a new President - Todd Gardner! Todd joined the team at the end of November 2018 and has already had such a positive impact on our company by facilitating growth and driving effective changes. Todd has proven himself as an accomplished and motivational leader and an agent for change throughout his successful 30+ year career in business. First starting out as an accountant for Deloitte, Todd quickly made his way into finance at Sunbelt Beverage and then into corporate leadership at Premium Distributors. Prior to becoming a President at InstallNET, Todd served as CFO, COO, and then CEO of Ameritox. There, he took the company from an upstart pioneer to a full-fledged biotech industry leader, growing from 80 to 800 employees and expanding nationally under his leadership. Today Todd resides in Anne Arundel County, Maryland with his wife and four sons.Read more

Matt Mullins Promoted to Project Manager!

InstallNET is pleased to announce that Matt Mullins has been promoted to Project Manager. Matt joined InstallNET over two years ago and has worked hard learning all aspects of the furniture industry.   We are happy to recognize Matt’s professional growth and the contributions he has made to InstallNET, his team and his customers. Thank you, Matt, for your hard work and dedication.Read more

We’re Taking a Stand!

InstallNET recognizes the importance of providing a healthy workplace environment.  Employees are encouraged to make time to be active during the day to counteract the inherent sedentary nature of their jobs.  Since InstallNET is committed to providing workstations that allow employees to be both productive and comfortable, we all recently gave the sit/stand desks a try and several employees are now using them permanently. 

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Learn about InstallNET

Take a few moments of your day to watch a short video about InstallNET that includes details on Premium Project Management, highly qualified network of installers located nationwide, ecoServ, our culture, and growth.  Read more

Wellbeing Framework

Wellbeing Framework

In an effort to continue our focus on ways to help promote healthier personal and professional wellbeing, Crofton Yoga paid us another visit. Many of us stepped away from our desks at lunchtime to enjoy a gentle yoga class and find our inner peace. InstallNET’s success is driven by our employees, we value the knowledge and passion each and every one of them bring to the job and appreciate there dedication. We strive to provide an environment that is challenging, stimulating and rewarding…a place where they want to come to work and feel valued. Simply put…we want to promote a high level of WELLBEING.

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