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Slide "You provide quality installers throughout the country. Makes our job much easier when trying to coordinate work throughout the USA!" What are people saying about us? Slide “Working with InstallNET alleviates much of the difficulty of getting projects completed.” What are people saying about us? Slide “InstallNET helped to expand our territory. We appreciate working with a company whom you can completely rely on!” What are people saying about us? Slide "I don't have the time to try and find reputable installation companies throughout the country. InstallNET helps by having preapproved installers." What are people saying about us? Slide “The people I've worked seem to have my best interest at heart, and I appreciate that.” What are people saying about us? Slide "I am the administrator of a firm with offices in 12 different states. InstallNET has proven invaluable in providing services for our various offices without me having to travel to one of our remote offices." What are people saying about us? Slide "My project manager does an excellent job keeping multiple projects handled and up to date. Great at communicating issues that need to be resolved right away!" What are people saying about us? Slide “Your inhouse team never lets me down and always go above and beyond. They are very responsive and problem solvers. Not afraid to give me a call if installers have questions. We solve the problems right then and there. No one wastes time. My go to company for all of my installs. Thank you” What are people saying about us?
People will forget what you said. They will forget what you did. But they will never forget how you made them feel.”
– Maya Angelou

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Exceeding Expectations

Our project managers are committed to bringing quality service and peace of mind to every customer. It is our mission to not only meet your expectations, but to surpass them. Here are a few things that customers have said about us:

I have worked with InstallNet on nearly 200 long-distance projects within the continental United States over the past 3 years. In addition to great customer support, what really sets InstallNet apart is their online quoting and tracking portal. Dealers and Service Providers have shared access to view documents, photos, notes, and messages. Having that central resource to track project details enabled me to effectively manage many projects at once. Needless to say, I would be working much longer hours without InstallNet’s team that I can count on, especially Jason, and their system that really works.”

– A longtime InstallNET Customer

InstallNET has consistently provided an exceptional customer experience, for both us and our end-user clientele.  InstallNET’s teams are a pleasure to work with and extremely attentive towards our needs, and actively work with us to streamline and improve our furniture installations at every step; their nationwide project management network makes the process very easy, and InstallNET’s management team actively goes out of their way to ensure that even the most intricate or specialized projects are completed quickly and accurately.”

– A valued InstallNET customer

We are really happy with InstallNET. Their customer service has been great. Our projects are long distance (we are located in Canada and use InstalNET for our US projects). InstallNET always makes us look good in front of our clients when we can’t be on site.”

– A remanufactured Haworth dealer representative

I was very impressed with your technicians. They were very knowledgeable, professional and did an outstanding job. They were on time with the delivery and got the table assembled in short order. They cleaned up all of the mess and left without a trace. A level of customer service every company should strive to provide.”

– A delighted enduser

Stephen has gone above and beyond helping me with some difficult jobs in different time zones. He calls me after normal hours to either advice me of issues or to let me know we are covered on certain things. He is a pleasure to work with and seems to really care about his clients. Highly recommend him!”

– A contract furniture remanufacturer

Nothing but good things to say about my experience with InstallNET, especially Fawn Nicholson. She gets back to me with critical info very quickly, and its very easy to make a request with her, and know that it will be followed through.”

– A Herman Miller dealer representative


“Alone we can do so little, together we can do so much.” – Helen Keller

At InstallNET we are excited to partner with groups that are committed to working together to make us better – as individuals, as community advocates, as industry leaders and as citizens of the world.



InstallNET service providers have experience installing product lines from more than 200 leading manufacturers of office and specialty furniture. As the office furniture industry continues to grow, so do we.

Our skills are not limited to this list so if you don’t see something, just ask!


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  • Aurora
  • Benchmark
  • Berco
  • Boss
  • Carolina
  • Cartwright
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  • Chromcraft
  • Claridge
  • Clarin
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