What is Facilitynet™?

Facilitynet™ is Installnet’s proprietary project management platform that provides a standard communication and project management interface for customers and service providers. This unique industry program simplifies the furniture installation process and ensures high quality and consistent service from beginning to end.

Project information is updated and visible by customers, service providers and end users through a secure portal that is password protected. Job status updates are accessible in real time and include the following tracking features:

Take a look at some of Facilitynet’s many features…


Create and submit your own quote through InstallQUOTE®


Monitor project status through InstallTRAK® including receiving, scheduling, and job completion information.


Signed Work Orders are attached and available to review upon completion of your project.


Access all project related documentation anywhere at any time! Upload new project documents to our online server at anytime.


Custom reports can easily be generated to manage multiple projects at once.


Wherever you go, there we are! Using our Service Provider Locator tool we’ll find the closest, most qualified provider for your job.