Simplicity, Consistency and Accountability

Installnet’s professional project management services provide peace of mind for your installation needs outside your local market. Our services are specifically designed to serve clients on a national scale with multi-location installation requirements. We provide a simple and consistent solution so you can grow your business – we won’t let you down.

Our experienced Project Managers are key to ensuring your jobs go well and your clients are happy. How do we do this?

  1. One name, one number, one email –With a single point of contact we are available whether you have one or 20 jobs per month. From pre-install site visits to completion of final punch lists, we are accountable to you to ensure your project is a success.
  2. If it involves furniture, we can do it – Whether the project is installing new furniture, reconfiguring existing furniture, relocating to a new site (around the corner or across the country), or disposing of existing furniture or simply service/maintenance – we can do it all.
  3. Top 100 Markets – Our project managers have a strong professional relationship with our more than 350 installation partners across the country. These connections ensure your project is set up for success from quoting to the final close out.
  4. 24-7 Access – Installnet’s specialized web-based software allows our project managers to stay on top of every job detail and provide consistent updates for each project. You have access to job updates in real time with personalized log-in access.
  5. One Vendor billing – Our project managers ensure billing is accurate and our service providers are meeting all insurance and legal requirements. No matter how many different providers or services you need, it is always just one invoice from Installnet.

Simply, Installnet’s project management services reduce the complexity and save time, energy and frustration in contracting, coordinating and managing your projects across the country.

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