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BOWIE, MARYLAND, JULY 20, 2021: InstallNET, a premium project management company that facilitates the installation and decommission of commercial furniture throughout the United States and Canada, announced today that their EcoServ Program received a Top Product of the Year Award in the Environment + Energy Leader Awards program. The win is an indication that the program’s expert judges consider EcoServ a top example of the exemplary work being done today in the fields of energy and environmental management.

EcoServ is InstallNET’s decommission strategy for excess furniture and assets that reduces environmental impact, saves money, and supports those in need. Through the EcoServ program, InstallNET works to resell, donate, recycle, and reuse clients’ surplus furniture and assets in the most responsible way. EcoServ is unique in that it allows InstallNET to take full responsibility of a client’s surplus assets, and focus on providing solutions that meet customers’ goals, in the following areas:

  • Economic: revenue generated through resale and recycle
  • Social: donations to charitable organizations
  • Environmental: reducing carbon footprint by keeping product out of landfill
  • Sustainability Reporting: upon project completion, clients receive a detailed metrics certificate denoting positive environmental impact

Despite the pandemic, 2020 was EcoServ’s most successful year to date, with more than 350 completed projects. The program was able to divert more than 3.8 million pounds out of landfill while facilitating 192 essential donations to nonprofit organizations.

One judge said of EcoServ, “For so many project/facility teams it is always a hassle to find ways to ensure that your waste doesn’t end up in landfills. This product will make it so much easier to make the correct choice.”

The Environment + Energy Leader Awards is a program recognizing excellence in products and services that provide companies with energy and environmental benefits, and in projects implemented by companies that improved environmental or energy management and increased the bottom line.

“With a very experienced and critical judging panel and a strict set of judging criteria, entrants faced an extremely high bar to qualify for an award in 2021” says Sarah Roberts, Environment + Energy Leader publisher.

About InstallNET
InstallNET provides premium project management services for the installation and decommission of commercial furniture throughout the United States and Canada. Our national network of over 300 highly-qualified independent furniture installation companies provide exceptional service in more than 100 major markets. We create solutions that best fit every unique situation and are committed to providing customers with outstanding service for every job we manage from initial quoting to project completion.

About the Environment + Energy Leader Awards
For nearly a decade, the Environment + Energy Leader Awards have celebrated excellence in the world of environmental, sustainability and energy management. Award winners are truly buzz-worthy, and companies that sport a Top Project or Top Product of the Year Award badge are known to be the best of the best. When other companies are seeking a sustainability or energy management solution, they know that E+E Product of the Year Award winners offer a significant group of products, vetted by experts, to peruse for help in making their decisions. Project of the Year Award winners are known to illustrate how sustainability and energy management projects can successfully help other companies improve the bottom line.

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