July 12, 2019 in Insights

Our Commitment to Our Community

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When Dale Ewing started InstallNET over twenty years ago, creating a tight knit community where people felt valued was a necessity for success. To fulfill his vision and build the company from the ground up, much like any start-up, InstallNET had to be the kind of place where everyone was hands-on, team-oriented, and passionate not only about the business and its clients but about their coworkers. Working for InstallNET felt like being a part of a second family. We celebrated all the wins, big and small, and celebrated each other’s successes and life milestones.

With each new success, InstallNET grew from that initial group to over 60 employees by 2019, and it continues to speed ahead expanding to more cities and bringing in more talent. While this rapid growth is wonderful, it also poses new challenges – how can we maintain the same sense of family with so many more people?

We came to the conclusion that InstallNET could and should change in many ways to accommodate the growth and continue to improve, but what they refused to compromise on was the overwhelming sense of community that had always been. We wanted to continue to promote a business that truly cares and values its employees, one that allows us to be more successful, productive, collaborative, all while having fun. So while we can’t celebrate all 60 birthdays individually, we make sure to have a collective birthday party every single month for our employees. And while many of our employees work from home, remotely, or even just on the other side of the office, we stay up to date on the milestones in everyone’s lives through slack announcements, monthly newsletters, and team meetings. We still celebrate the big moments as a company, but the environment that champions small feats still remains through peer to peer recognition (Star Cards) and no shortage of praise from our coworkers and leaders.

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