What is Facilitynet?

Facilitynet™ is Installnet’s proprietary project management platform that provides a standard communication and project management interface for customers and installation partners. This unique industry program simplifies the furniture installation process and ensures high quality and consistent service from beginning to end.

Project information is updated and visible by customers, installation partners and end users through a secure portal that is password protected.

All Service Providers are required to access and update Installnet projects online in the Member Login Area. InstallTRAK provides a “dashboard” view of all the projects the SP has with Installnet, including summary reports and graphs. Service Providers are required to print Installnet Work Orders as the official sign-off paperwork onsite. Service Providers are also responsible for updating InstallTRAK for receiving, scheduling, and job completion. The web site also provides current Installnet News, updates, and Service Provider Resources Area.

To receive a username and password, please contact the Service Provider Development Team at 410-721-9301.

For more information on accessing and updating Facilitynet, please email [email protected].

Facilitynet also features special access for leads and installers to access Installnet jobs online.