Contacting InstallNET

When working with InstallNET you could be working with any one of our many project managers, project coordinators, and teams. Learn more about all of our InstallNET Employees by visiting our team page!

As a service provider in the network, your main point of contact for questions, guidance, etc. is the lead of SP Network Development, Andrea Scheidt. You can reach her directly at: [email protected] / Direct Line: 443-274-6043

For a printable contact sheet of all InstallNET Employees, click here.


What is FacilityNET?

FacilityNET™ is InstallNET’s proprietary project management platform that provides a standard communication and project management interface for customers and service providers. This unique industry program simplifies the furniture installation process and ensures high quality and consistent service from beginning to end.

Project information is updated and visible by customers, service providers and end users through a secure portal that is password protected.

All Service Providers are required to access and update InstallNET projects online in the Member Login Area. InstallTRAK provides a “dashboard” view of all the projects the SP has with InstallNET, including summary reports and graphs. Service Providers are required to print InstallNET Work Orders as the official sign-off paperwork onsite. Service Providers are also responsible for updating InstallTRAK for receiving, scheduling, and job completion. The web site also provides current InstallNET News, updates, and Service Provider Resources Area.

To receive a username and password, please contact the Service Provider Development Team at 410-721-9301.

Click here for more information on accessing and updating FacilityNET.

FacilityNET also features special access for leads and installers to access InstallNET jobs online. Click HERE to learn more.

Job Flow Process

Video Tutorials:

The following video exist as a resource outlining the basics of InstallNET website use and process expectations. Please review them for a general understanding of navigating the website and to familiarize yourself with our process expectations.



On-Site Communication

Receiving of Product

Job Completion

Service Provider Evaluations

The InstallNET Standard

As a member of the InstallNET Network, you are held to a set of expectations and standards ….. Andrea more text please?

Each project you complete will be evaluated based on your compliance to our standards…. to allow us to serve our customers…. standard of service stuff

… web based….

Service Provider Evaluations – Exceptions and Clarification

Click HERE for a copy of the evaluation.


It is InstallNET’s expectation that all pricing will be updated on the website within 24 hours, unless otherwise stated by the PM. Any quote sent by InstallNET after 3pm, will have the following considerations to the provider: (NOTE – Business hours are 8am – 5pm)

  • Receive the quote back within 4 business hours, SP will receive a “5”
  • Receive the quote back within 6 business hours, SP will receive a “4”
  • Receive the quote back within 8 business hours, SP will receive a “3”

The 24 hour standard will not apply and the evaluation rating is under the discretion of the PM if there are multiple exchanges of communication between the provider and the PM while establishing pricing, due to customer scope changes, pending job or site requirements, inability to provide necessary documents (i.e. BOM or drawings), etc.

Receiving of Product

It is the expectation that all receiving paperwork from product received will be scanned and uploaded to the job within 24 hours. That is the standard; that is a 3. Uploading the paperwork to the job sooner than 24 hours, will determine a 4 or 5. Choosing to fax or email receiving paperwork to the PM is acceptable, but will be rated as a “2”. Not receiving any paperwork or notification of the receipt, will result in a 1.

For unidentified product, InstallNET offers each SP the ability to send all receiving paperwork to [email protected] to research. Upon determining which job the product goes to, the Unidentified Product Team will respond to the SP, as well as the PM. It is the responsibility of the PM to upload the receivers to the appropriate job and check the box “Check here if NOT labeled with InstallTRAK #”. Unidentified product will not count against the SP for that receipt; however, the provider must have notified InstallNET via the [email protected] email.

It is also expected that our Providers are tracking product as it comes in. Once the provider has determined that all product has been received, InstallTRAK must be updated for “All Product Received”. If at any time, the SP is unsure, they should reach out to the PM for assistance.


If a job is prescheduled, it is the expectation that the provider will contact the end user to introduce themselves, confirm the address and verify site conditions. The installer should then update InstallTRAK for “Confirmed Start Date” If an InstallNET customer has requested that scheduling be coordinated through them, the InstallNET PM will appear as the end user/POC. It is the responsibility of the SP to contact the PM within 72 hours and provide a few scheduling options that can be presented to the customer. Once the start day is determined, the PM will update the TRAK, and send a Schedule Confirmation.

Onsite Issue Communication

It is the expectation that InstallNET will be contacted for all damages, exceptions, scope changes, issues and anything that precludes the crew from performing the work. When this happens, it is expected that the PM will:

  1. Receive a call while the installer is still from site
  2. Photos will be taken of all damages, preferably from 3 points of view (up close, 2 steps back and 10 steps back)
  3. All damages are listed in detail on the Punch List
  4. All other issues are noted on the work order (i.e. scope changes, exceptions, etc.)

If your installer is unable to contact the PM via phone, text the PM with a quick message and pictures. They will respond or have someone on their team get back to you immediately.

Job Completion

It is InstallNET’s expectation that all work orders will be uploaded to the job within 24 hours of job completion, with detailed punch information and photos, when applicable. ALL work order pages and punch list pages must be uploaded to the job on the website in its entirety with 2 signatures (end user and installer).

Smart phone photos of work orders and punch lists from site are acceptable for immediate communication to achieve a “5”; however, the provider MUST still upload the work order and punch list, in its entirety, and update the TRAK the next day, along with any other requested documentation (photos, dealers sign off, etc).

For jobs that are requested for after hours, the following considerations will apply:

  • Work Order and Punch List uploaded to the job by noon (local time) will receive a “5”
  • (For example – a job starts at 6pm, and finishes at 4am. WO and Punch are uploaded at 11:45am that day – will receive a 5)
  • Work Order and Punch List uploaded to the job by COB (local time) will receive a “4”
  • (For example – a job starts at 6pm, and finishes at 4am. WO and Punch are uploaded at 5:00pm that day – will receive a 4)
  • Work Order and Punch List uploaded to the job by 9am the following morning (local time) will receive a “3”

(For example – a job starts at 6pm, and finishes at 4am. WO and Punch are uploaded at 8:00 am the next morning – will receive a 3)