Kevin Chilcoat

Kevin Chilcoat

Direct Line: 443-274-6041

Fun fact about Our Team member:

If you could live in a book or movie, what would it be? 

Back to the Future Part II – only the first twenty minutes when Marty is in the version of 2015 with Hover boards.

What’s something quirky about you? 

I have pretty extensive film knowledge and know a whole bunch of useless movie trivia.

If you could be any beverage, what would you be?

Salt water so no one could drink me.

What is your favorite outdoor activity?

I’m an avid ultimate Frisbee player and would play any chance I get, rain, wind, or snow. It’s one of those things you can’t really talk to people about it who haven’t played because it doesn’t sound very masculine. I assure you, it is 2-3 hours of straight running and it will whip you into shape pretty quick.