Each year, a growing amount of waste goes to landfills in America, creating dangerous methane gas emissions that worsen climate change. More than 146 million tons of solid waste a year goes to landfills—generating greenhouse gas emissions equivalent to 20.3 million passenger cars, according to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). An estimated 9 million tons of that waste is furniture. 

New ways of working add to the problem as more office workers want hybrid or remote work schedules, leaving employers to reimagine, and repurpose, workplaces.

In 2012, Installnet created the Ecoserv program to help divert workplace waste from landfills. Ecoserv provides the processes, standards and metrics needed to assure commercial furniture and assets remain in circulation through reuse, delivering value to customers and the community. Unwanted furniture, fixtures and equipment are resold, reused, recycled or donated to nonprofits and community groups.

Ecoserv’s mission is to be a catalyst for circularity, building partnerships and inspiring credible decommission solutions that address the problems of waste and climate change. Since the program began, Ecoserv has diverted more than 42 million pounds of waste from landfills and donated furniture and assets to almost 2,500 nonprofits and community groups ranging from domestic violence shelters to colleges and police stations.

In 2018, we joined with Herman Miller (now MillerKnoll) to execute their rePurpose program. As MillerKnoll’s preferred partner, Installnet provides turnkey solutions to dealers and clients looking for sustainable paths for excess assets.

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